Commercial Zoning in Miami Beach

Commercial Miami Beach zoning is described as land use where businesses and residential properties operate, such as restaurants, hotels, Miami Beach lodging facilities, bars, fitness centers and more. The type of business allowed in a commercial zone may be affected by the availability of parking and the closeness to other types of businesses. For example, commercial Miami Beach zoning laws prohibit or limit adult entertainment establishments to a certain area. Bar type businesses are also prohibited within a certain distance of schools or churches.

Regulations for commercial zoning can vary per municipality, with some neighborhoods having stricter rules and regulations than the next. Commercial Miami Beach zoning is divided into several districts such as Lincoln Road, Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive. Many of the commercial areas in Miami Beach are zoned for both commercial properties such as Miami Beach lodging hotels and residential properties such as condo buildings.

Some of the buildings in Miami Beach’s commercial zones are ‘mixed-use’ which means they have both residential and commercial tenants. For example, a ‘mixed use’ building may have residential condos on the top floors and retail stores at ground level. However, the fact that a ‘mixed-use’ building is located in a commercial zone does not mean that the condos may operate as short term rentals. Guests and owners should refer to the condo documents to verify if the unit allows short term rentals. In most cases, Miami Beach lodging in the city’s commercial zones does allow for short term rentals.