Worst resturants in Miami Beach

Miami is laden with great dining choices. Everyone knows that! However, according to Gayot.com, there are some places you may want to look at closer, before leaving vacation rentals South Beach Miami to visit them. We are not saying that these are the worst restaurants South Beach has to offer, just saying that their reviews have not always been perfect! Anyway, it is always a matter of preference, as you know. A place that you may feel is among the worst restaurants South Beach has to offer, may be the best place another patron has ever discovered! Here are a few that you should take a look at, and maybe just draw your own conclusions.

Bella Napoli
1443 Alton Road
Miami Beach

Mixed reviews from this Italian landmark. The portions are big and the service is friendly. One universal truth though, you have to try the olive oil and garlic soaked rolls. If that just doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then maybe Bella Napoli is not the place for you.

Johnny Rockets
728 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach

While not for everyone, Johnny Rockets serves its audience well. What type of audience? Well one that enjoys 50’s theme restaurants, vinyl booths (with their own jukeboxes), big burgers, shakes, and waiters who occasionally burst in to choreographed dance routines to classic rock n roll songs. Not your type of place? Well you’ve been warned!

Mango’s Tropical Café
900 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach

This is another that falls in the “may not be right for everyone” category. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Mango’s food or service, their atmosphere is one that may not be up your alley. Mango’s Tropical Café personifies everything that is Miami. Cuban food, Latin dancers, and tons of music can create quite a sensory experience. But if you come in here thinking you are going to unwind and relax, you have sauntered in to the wrong dining establishment!

Senor Frog’s
616 Collins Ave
Miami Beach

Senor Frog’s offers great food and drink. It genuinely does. However, depending on when you arrive, you may have absolutely no elbow room, be forced to watch horrendous dances, and not be able to speak to your dinner guests due to the incredibly loud noise. This is Senor Frog’s. If you don’t want awesome, spiced-up food, served in a fun and somewhat loud venue, take your party elsewhere. Otherwise, sit back, watch, and enjoy!

Monty’s Stone Crab
300 Alton Road
Miami Beach

Monty’s Stone Crab is another restaurant that, to some, is victim of its environment and not its food. Monty’s serves up amazing crab, shrimp (the Cajun style peel ‘n’ eat is downright addicting), and seafood. That is an almost universal fact. The food truly is great. However, this place serves you no-frills style, complete with paper plates and plastic utensils. If you couple that with the occasional live band (that can frequently get too loud) and significant amount of tourists, this place can put some people off. However, if you know what you are getting in to, Monty’s has its charms and offers darn good food.