Worst hotels in Miami Beach

Miami is laden with excellent hotel choices. We all know that! However, according to Gayot.com and some other review website, there are some places you may want to look at closer, before booking your vacation rentals South Beach Miami. We are not saying that these are the worst hotels in Miami Beach, just saying that their reviews have not always been perfect! Anyway, it is always a matter of preference, as you know. A place that you may feel is among the worst hotels in Miami Beach, may be the best place another guest has ever stayed at. What’s that old adage? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Here are a few hotels that you should take a look at, and maybe just draw your own conclusions before booking your vacation rentals South Beach Miami.

San Juan Hotel
1680 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Mixed reviews from this traditional hotel on Collins Avenue. And by mixed, I truly mean mixed. It seems to be either a love or a hate with the San Juan Hotel. Those who hate indicate outdated furniture, questionable cleanliness, and a less-than-hospitable staff. However, the fact that this hotel is directly across the street from the world famous Delano, it would be hard for it to look flawless anyway you slice it!

Parisian Hotel
1510 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

When the local news station, in this case NBC Miami 6, runs a report on how dirty your hotel is, that is not usually a good sign for business. However, that was two years ago, and things can change – as we all know. The Parisian Hotel on Collins Avenue is a landmark in many ways. Check them out yourself, or stop by their website at parisianhotel.com, for more information.

The Continental Oceanfront
1825 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

This hotel was featured in the same NBC News story as The Parisian, which is not a good story to be associated with. However, as with the aforementioned Parisian, a lot can change. The Continental Oceanfront is going through major renovations and promises their guests a wonderful stay. Give them a call and they can answer any questions you have. Or, visit their website at continentalhotelsouthbeach.com for more information.