Where vacation rental Scam Artists operate Miami Beach

People can encounter frauds anywhere; however, there are certain places where scam artists thrive so you are more likely to find them there. You should be familiar with the places where you are most likely to find scam artists so that you know when you have to be more cautious. We offer you information on where to find vacation rentals scams in Miami Beach

•    Free Classifieds (very common)

Many of the vacation rental property ads on free classifieds such as craigslist, backpage or kijiji belong to true owners; however, many may also belong to scam artists. Advertising in these classifieds is free and these ads are not checked or verified. Therefore, these sites are an easy target for scam artists.

•    General websites for holiday rental (Sometimes)

General holiday rental websites are usually a good bet. Scams still exist on vacation rental websites because many of them do not verify ownership of rental properties listed on their site. Still, owners are typically charged an advertising fee to advertise on the site which discourages many scam artists.

•    Vacation Rental Agency websites (Rare)
It is less likely that you will encounter fraudulent activity on vacation rental websites since it is pretty easy to learn about the legitimacy of a company through the number of years they have been in business, their affiliation to the Chamber of Commerce or membership of the industry association.