Where to dine in Miami Beach

Knowing where to dine in Miami Beach is almost as important as securing the best South Beach lodging. Miami has long been known for its glamorous style and sensational nightlife. However, the area is chock full of world-class cuisine. Here is a quick rundown of where to dine in Miami Beach.

BLT Steak
1440 Ocean Drive / Miami Beach, FL 33139/ 305-673-0044/ e2hospitality.com/blt-steak-miami

Like many premier destinations, Miami has more than its fair share of steakhouses. None offer a better all-around dining experience than BLT Steak. This is not an ordinary chop house. The menu here is so diverse and so well prepared, one meal here will have you looking for permanent South Beach lodging.

The Dining Room at The Villa by Barton G
1116 Ocean Drive / Miami Beach, FL 33139/ 305-576-8003/ thevillabybartong.com

This 1930’s era landmark offers diners the best of two worlds – dynamite culinary options and a luxurious, Roman inspired setting. There really is nowhere like The Dining Room at the Villa by Barton G, anywhere in the area (or the world, for that matter!)

Joe’s Stone Crab
11 Washington Avenue / Miami Beach, FL 33139/ 305-673-0365/ joesstonecrab.com

Chances are you have already heard of Joe’s Stone Crab, and for good reason. This South Beach classic has been serving up its unique offerings for almost 100 years. There are no reservations taken here, so we recommend coming at lunch or early evening.

De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean
101-B Ocean Drive / Miami Beach, FL 33139 / 305-672-6624/ drodriguezcuba.com

While Miami has its share of Latin and Cuban restaurants, none brings home the mix of new flavors as well as timeless tradition like De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean. The presentation and taste may offer a new take on an old classic, but the staff at De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean never strays far from their roots. Quite simply, this is one that is not to be missed.

Casa Tua
1700 James Avenue / Miami Beach, FL 33139 / 305-673-1010/ casatualifestyle.com

You will be hard-pressed to find a more sensational setting than here at Casa Tua. While located in the heart of South Beach, this jewel seems like it is in its own special world. Nestled behind a hedgerow, Casa Tua really feels like a private escape. The second-floor lounge is often utilized by celebrities and socialites. And it is not just the setting that has people seeking out this local favorite. The food is in its own class as well.

Osteria del Teatro
1443 Washington Avenue / Miami Beach, FL 33139 / 305-538-7850/ osteriadelteatromiami.com

Osteria offers traditional Italian cuisine of the highest order. It also is juxtaposed against a thumping dance club of the highest order. This crazy pairing is one of the many reasons Osteria is one of our favorite places to dine. Other reasons we love Osteria del Teatro? Try the extensive menu, the daily specials, and the sensational vibe.

Prime One Twelve
112 Ocean Drive / Miami Beach, FL 33139 / 305-532-8112/ mylesrestaurantgroup.com

Prime One Twelve is not known for its sensational lobsters and steaks (although it should be). Prime One Twelve is known for its clientele. This is THE place to be if you want to see the high rollers. Celebrities, athletes, politicians, you name it – they visit Prime One Twelve when in Miami. You should too, because all things considered, the food is just as exciting as the star gazing.

Sardinia Ristorante
1801 Purdy Avenue / Miami Beach, FL 33139 / 305-531-2228/ sardinia-ristorante.com

Finding quality Italian cuisine in this town is relatively easy. So how does a stunning restaurant like Sardinia stand out? Well, by showcasing the very best of a specific region of Italy, in this case, the island of Sardinia. Numerous trips here have led us to one conclusion: there is not an item on the menu that is less than exceptional.