What to do if you are evicted from a South Beach vacation rental?


Even though booking a South Beach vacation rental has become a preferred form of Miami Beach lodging for vacationers there are still precautions one must take. It’s most important for travelers to avoid being evicted from a South Beach vacation rental.


Many cities throughout the U.S. have implemented very strict laws regarding the short term rental of privately owned homes and condos. This is most evident in municipalities throughout Miami, Florida.  If a condo is not licensed as a South Beach vacation rental or a home is operating short term Miami Beach lodging in a neighborhood that prohibits it, you can actually be evicted by the city.

No one wants to be evicted from accommodations that they have paid for especially during their vacation. It’s for this reason that it is important to book your Miami Beach lodging from an established locally operated South Beach vacation rental agency that is aware of the local laws and regulations. Here are some more details on how you can be evicted from a South Beach vacation rental.

Often times property owners in Miami will list their homes or condos on the big websites such as HomeAway and Craigslist. These owners are either not aware or chose to ignore the new laws restricting short term Miami Beach lodging and advertise their properties anyway hoping to go unnoticed.  What is unfortunate is that the City of Miami and Miami Beach have code enforcement departments with officers that actively look for violations. Some of these officers visit condos and homes where complaints by neighbors have been made in order to determine if an illegal rental is in process. The situation often ends with an unsuspecting family, who unknowingly rented an illegal South Beach vacation, is evicted in the midst of their vacation.
If evicted from a South Beach vacation rental there is not much immediate recourse for the consumer. Your first concern obviously is to secure alternative lodging for the remainder of your vacation. Your best bet is to call a local and reputable vacation rental agency. Miami Beach lodging is often booked completely during busy seasons which a local agency is accustomed. They should have a list of contacts that aren’t always