Where are illegal Miami condo vacation rentals advertised?

There was a time when short-term Miami condo vacation rentals were only an option when hotels were completely booked or too expensive. Today, however, short term Miami Beach lodging is more popular than ever and advertised all over the world from Eastern Europe to the tropical Miami paradise know as South Beach.

There are several ways by which one can find and book vacation rentals but first we must warn you.  You should always be cautious when using the internet and classified ad sites like CraigsList.org. Scammers are everywhere and are notorious for posting illegal Miami condo vacation rentals in order to take your money. Below are a few places you can go to find lodging for your next vacation:

  • Classified ad websites where anyone can list a vacation rental
  • Official websites dedicated to short term rentals only
  • Vacation rental websites that consolidate various operators
  • Consolidators that offer mostly online booking
  • Conglomerate sites that feature only Miami holiday rentals by owners facilities

Nevertheless, unscrupulous operators and scam artists are everywhere, and it is very important to use common sense when booking Miami Beach lodging or vacation rentals anywhere. Make sure you ask for references and check out reviews online. Be cautious about paying in full up front especially when asked to pay by PayPal or by money order.  Some advertisements for illegal Miami condo vacation rentals are also intentionally misleading, For example, ‘conveniently located’ could mean 100 yards from the airport so make sure you research the specific area of carefully.