Ways to Make Phone Calls from Holiday Rentals Miami Beach

All hotels and holiday rentals in Miami Beach have their own set of rules regarding phone calls. Some holiday rentals offer free local calls, some offer domestic calls, some allow international calls and some will charge for local calls. Evade surprise fees (roaming or extra charges) at checkout. Below are a few suggestions.

Your mobile phone
You make the rules regarding phone calls; however, it will surely not be the most inexpensive.

Prepaid phone
You can purchase a prepaid local mobile phone.

Use the computer
•    MagicJack
Make free calls to anywhere in the US or Canada. Magicjack connects to the internet from a computer.
•    Skype
Free calls to other computers or pay a nominal fee to make calls to a phone.
•    Gmail Video Conference
Gmail users can communicate with other Gmail users via video for free.