Trip Advisor best restaurants Miami Beach,

We’ll gladly point you in the direction of our favorite Miami eateries. However, the fine folks over at Trip Advisor have certainly helped sort things out. The Trip Advisor best restaurants Miami Beach remains an exclusive list. (Perhaps the only list that is more exclusive than the Trip Advisor best restaurants Miami Beach list is the list of South Beach lodging vacancies!) Here is a quick rundown of some of the best dining in the area, according to Trip Advisor (oh, and good luck with that South Beach lodging scenario!):

Pied a Terre
1701 James Avenue
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
(305) 531-4533

Pied a Terre is a favorite of both locals and guests alike, and for good reason. This quaint South Beach classic has been serving up its French and Peruvian inspired cuisine to rave reviews. While seating is limited, it is worth you while to find the time to dine here. The sea bass alone is sonnet worthy!

Giotto Maestro della Pizza
59 West Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
The if you think the name is a mouthful, wait until you try the pizza! Giotto Maestro della Pizza is ranked highly at Trip Advisor because it is focused on the highest quality pizza you can find. Every pie is hand tossed to order. The setting is inviting and the staff is extremely helpful. Pound for pound, GMdP might be one of the best places in the United States to grab a beer and a pizza. Don’t believe us? Try them yourselves, you will not be disappointed.

Casa Tua
1700 James Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Ever heard the phrase “setting is everything”? That is definitely the case at Casa Tua. Located in the heart of South Beach, this stunning destination will have you feeling like you are in your own special world. Nestled behind a nearly hidden hedgerow, Casa Tua manages to feel like you’re alone in your own private restaurant. The second-floor lounge is frequented by celebrities and socialites. Amid this amazing setting, it is easy to overlook the food, which is not fair. The food, in its own right, can hold its own among the best in town. This one is not one to miss!

Osteria del Teatro
1443 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Osteria offers traditional Italian cuisine of the highest quality. It also is positioned near a thumping dance club of the highest quality! This wild pairing is one of the many reasons Osteria is one of our favorite places to dine. Other reasons we love Osteria del Teatro include: the extensive menu, the daily specials, and the sensational eclectic vibe.

131 26th Street
(off Collins Ave.)
Miami Beach, Fl. 33140

This is Indonesian cuisine done right. Lamb, seafood, curry, you name it and it is here. The setting is funky and cool and the food is second-to-none. The staff at indomania is ridiculously knowledgeable and friendly. There are no strangers at indomania! The combination of succulent offerings, world-class presentation, and quirky setting make this one of the coolest, if not yet super popular, destinations in town.

The Dining Room
The Dining Room is located at:
413 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Has there ever been a more “no frills” name for a restaurant than Miami’s “The Dining Room”? Well, it does not matter because the faire here is exemplary and the setting is not bad either! Peppered with excellent servers who are spot on in the recommendations, you cannot find a bad dish here. Focusing on new American style cuisine, The Dining Room excels at offering a fresh take on some old classics, as well as raising the bar with some new creations. We love the staff, the setting, and the pork belly. Oh man, do we love the pork belly…

La Sandwicherie
229 14th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

You will find no elitists here, my friends. Just because this is a sandwich “stand”, does not mean that it is anything short of world-class. The fun vibe is complete with outdoor seating and stools that let you belly up to the counter in the alley. These big sandwiches are made fresh to order and are loaded with nothing but the best ingredients available. The prices at La Sandwicherie are just right too. You won’t break the bank for a full belly here!