Spotting illegal vacation rentals in Miami Beach

People look forward to their vacation all year long because it’s the one time they can relax and forget about work. However, all that can all be ruined if you rent an illegal vacation rental in Miami and more specifically illegal South Beach accommodations. These illegal vacation rentals can be spotted several different ways. For instance, most of these illegal rentals are recognized just by seeing their price. Many operators of illegal South Beach accommodations are anxious to rent their property and therefore drop their rates way below the average rent for that particular type property.
Travelers coming from other countries are the ones most affected by illegal vacation rentals in Miami.  Often times they are not aware of the short term legal battle in cities like Miami and Miami Beach and therefore do not know the precautions to take or the risks involved. If faced with being evicted from an illegal South Beach accommodation it is much more difficult for someone that doesn’t know the area or speak the language to secure alternate lodging. Not to mention noone wants to deal with something like this while on vacation.
Here is a sure way to verify that the South Beach accommodation you are considering is not one of the many illegal vacation rentals in Miami. All legal short term rentals in Miami’s neighborhoods are licensed by the State of Florida.

Here are the steps to verifying a license:

1.    First go to:

2.    Enter " Hotels and Restaurants " in License Category

3.    Enter " Resort Dwelling " in License Type

4.    Enter " Miami Beach " in City

5.    Enter " Dade " in County

6.    Enter " Florida " in State  and Search