Short term rental licenses required in Florida

Owners of Miami Beach lodging vacation rentals must register with both the State of Florida and the City of Miami Beach in order to obtain their license. Once the administrative process is complete the short term rental property must then pass inspections by both the city and the state. When license is approved the owner of the Miami Beach lodging rental will then be required to pay resort and sales taxes which is equivalent to 13% of the properties rental income. When taxes are paid in full the state will then issue a transient license for the property.

The process to obtain a transient rental license in the City of Miami Beach is much more difficult. First, the property must be properly zoned. To verify this, an analysis is done using the city’s zoning map. (Read more on zoning in Miami Beach). This is followed by series of inspections from both the City of Miami Beach’s Building Department and the Fire Department. Once the Building and Fire Departments confirm the property is up to code and meets all regulations the city will then issue the Miami Beach lodging transient license.

Once the licenses are issued for the establishment the operator is required to display them or copy of the licenses in a conspicuous place on the premises. The owner of the property or management company should also post the licenses on their website showing proof that the property is a legal short term rental.

The State of Florida will visit the Miami Beach lodging establishment annually to make sure that they are safe and that the proper information such as rates are being displayed inside the property.

Tip for Consumers: Before booking Miami Beach lodging you should first verify that the property is a legal short term rental. You can do this by asking the property owner or Management Company if you can see a copy of the State and City License. If you have already paid for your Miami Beach lodging, look at your receipt and see if you have been charged the resort tax. This is a requirement of all operators of legal short term rentals.