Risks of Renting Illegal Short Term Rentals: Miami Beach accommodation Homes & Condos

There are many risks of renting illegal short term rentals, especially for the consumer. Because they are not regularly inspected by government agencies, Miami Beach accommodations that are not properly licensed in the State of Florida and their municipality can cause health issues as well as pose a serious safety threat. See below some of the more common risks of renting illegal short term rentals in Miami Beach:  

Illegal Miami Beach accommodations offered as vacation rentals may be at risk of the following:
  • Structural damage that may include un-sturdy walls and a weak roof.
  • Inadequately inspected elevators.
  • No regularly extermination for bedbugs, roaches and other
  • No routinely scheduled sanitation pickup waste disposal
  • Does not meet fire regulations-no fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems or smoke detectors.
  • Not Handicap compliant which equals unsafe conditions for the disabled.

There are other risks of renting illegal short term rentals in Miami Beach other than the safety and cleanliness issues that coincide with these vacation homes and condos. Because code enforcement officers are continually looking for Miami Beach accommodations that are operating as illegal vacation rentals, there’s a chance during your stay that they could knock on the door. There is a chance that you and your family will be asked to leave the immediately. You will need to find a new place to stay while in Miami and try to negotiate with the owner for a full or partial refund. Unfortunately, these negotiations often end up in costly legal battles or the owners simply deciding to let the matter drop and suffer the financial loss.