Residential Miami Beach zoning

Residential Miami Beach zoning defines an area that is primarily houses and where people live full time. To regulate real estate density, municipalities have different types of residential zones identified by zoning codes such as RM1, RM2 and RPS1. An RM1 zone allows small density properties such as single-family homes or small buildings. The Art Deco District (Flamingo Park neighborhood) is an RM1 zone which prohibits the operation of night clubs, restaurants, bars and hotels. Exceptions were made and a few owners of Miami Beach vacation rentals were grandfathered in and allowed to continue operating in the art Deco District.

Residential districts in Miami Beach are divided into three subcategories; single family districts (homes), multifamily districts (condos) or districts that are a mixture of both single-family and multi-family structures.

The City of Miami Beach has determined that they want to preserve the residential nature of all RM 1 districts in Miami Beach by banning Miami Beach vacation rentals in most residential areas. Miami Beach Commissioners voted and approved two ordinances restricting short term rentals, one in 2008 (for homes) and 2010 (for condos).

  • The 2008 Miami Beach single family home short term rental ordinance banned Miami Beach vacation rentals in all single-family homes in single-family districts with no exceptions. Other municipalities in Miami have passed similar laws.
  • The 2010 Miami Beach multi-family short term rental ordinance banned Miami Beach vacation rentals in all residential districts while providing some exceptions for buildings that were grandfathered in and therefore authorized to continue operating short term rentals.
For more information on the restriction of short term rentals in condos and single-family homes go to….. Miami Beach City Code; New Ordinances.