Miami Beach lodging, Building and fire regulations in Miami Beach

Fire and Building Regulations in Miami Beach


Fire and Building regulations in Miami Beach are taken very serious by the City. These ordinances are implemented in an effort to keep Miami Beach lodging secure and safe for guests. It is very important to the city that guests staying in Miami Beach lodging for a short period of time are adequately protected.

The zoning, fire and building departments all play a key role in regulating the safety of short term Miami Beach lodging. Each department has a different set of rules and regulations that must be met before the city will issue a license to operate as short term dwelling. The zoning, fire and building regulations in Miami Beach that are required to engage in Miami Beach lodging rentals are known to be very difficult for owners.
Building regulations in Miami Beach stipulate that a building inspector must first inspect the premises to insure that the vacation rental property has been updated and meets the State code. The inspector will insure that plumbing, electric, and other important aspects meet the required guidelines. To insure that guests will be protected in the case of fire state will work alongside the fire department.

Requirements to operate short rentals are much stricter than the requirements for a no-transient rental. The Miami Beach Fire Department requires that each short term Miami Beach lodging is retrofitted with the adequate amount of exits, fire sprinklers, and alarm system, fire monitoring devices, emergency lighting and more. Once these requirements are met the city of Miami Beach will issue a transient license.  Read more about……..transient licenses.  

To insure your safety and reduce the risk of being evicted, before booking Miami Beach lodging it is important to verify that the property is a legal vacation rental.