Radios in Miami

Radios in Miami can serve as a helpful way to pass time, learn, have fun or practice your English in or on your way to and from accommodations Miami Beach. Use the radios in Miami in your car or your vacation rental accommodations Miami Beach. Following is a list of radio stations separated by genres that you can listen to on radios in Miami during your stay in accommodations Miami Beach:

- 93.9 WLVE "Love": soft rock

- 88.9 FM radio WDNA

Techno, House, Dance
- 93.1 FM Active Rock

Hip Hop, R&B
- WMGE FM 103.5 "The Beat"

- 100.3 FM WCTH
- 99.9 FM WKIS

Tubes, Top 40
- WPOW FM 96.5 "Power 96"
- 100.7 FM WHYI "Y-100"
- 105.1 WHQT "Hot 105"
- 101.5 WLYF: Lite FM

Spanish Radio
- 95.7 FM WXDJ "El Zol"
- Mega 94.9 FM
- 107.5 FM WAMR "Amor"

Student Radio
- 90.5 FM radio WVUM: Miami University College
- 88.5 WNSU: Nova University College

- 91.3 FM WLRN radio: radio information, discussion and culture to South Florida

- 102.7 WMXJ "Majic