Que peut faire la ville de Miami Beach?

What can the City of Miami Beach do to enforce the ban on illegal Miami Beach lodging? In order for the City of Miami Beach to enforce new ordinances restricting short term cheap lodging in Miami they must first identify the properties and their operators.

There are several measures that the city is taking to identify and located these illegally operated cheap lodging Miami rentals. To start with the City of Miami Beach’s Code Enforcement department has increased its man power by assigning additional compliance officers to focus identifying illegal short term. These officers will issue violations and in some cases they will have to evict unsuspecting vacation tenants.

Here are a few more methods used by the City of Miami Beach to enforce the ban on illegal Miami Beach lodging:

  • Constant patrol of neighborhoods with properties that are suspected of operating illegal rentals to identifying a constant flow of new vehicles.
  • Checking on operators with previous violations for illegal vacation rentals.
  • Following up on the numerous complaints from neighbors who call and file complaints with the code compliance department.
  • Following up on leads received by condo and neighborhood associations that are reporting illegal vacation rentals.
  • Compliance officers are constantly searching classified ads on the internet for illegal short term rental operators.

Once identified the police might come and evict guests that have unfortunately rented one of these illegal short term rentals.