Miami Beach Parking Regulations

miami beach parking regulationsTo our guests staying in a South Beach accommodation and may be visiting Miami Beach for the first time, please familiarize yourself with Miami Beach parking regulations and laws. Anyone that fails to comply with Miami Beach parking regulations and laws will be ticketed. Parking violations issued in the area around your South Beach accommodation can cost you between $18 and $253! Additionally, those that fail to act in accordance may be issued additional costs, the immobilization of your vehicle, the impoundment of your vehicle, or the confiscation of the vehicles license plate.

Below is a quick reference guide to Miami Beach’s parking regulations. Please read the following rules and regulations carefully.

Parking Regulations-near South Beach Accommodations:

  • Parking in Residential areas:
    • Zones 1-4 before 9am or after 6pm weekdays.
    • Zones 1-4 anytime during the weekends.
  • Parking at a meter without paying is subject to a fine.
  • Park no further than 18" from the sidewalk.
  • Park between the lines that mark each parking spot.
  • Parking violations are enforced by the towing companies 24/ 7.
  • Diagonally striped lanes are for disabled access only.
  • Park at least 10 feet from a fire hydrant.
  • Never park when there is a yellow line on the curb.
  • Never park on a crosswalk, alley or in restricted zone.

Miami Beach Parking Regulations-Violation Fines:

Parking Violatios: Paid before 30 days:

Paid after 30 days:

Overtime Parking
Parking Improperly Within Meter Parking Space $18.00 $45.00
Moving Other Person's Vehicle without Authority
$23.00 $42.00
Improper Parking
$28.00 $47.00
Prohibited Parking
$28.00 $47.00
Leaving Vehicle Unattended with engine running
$28.00 $47.00
Restricted Parking
$28.00 $47.00
Parking so as to Obstruct Traffic
$28.00 $47.00
No Valid License Plate $33.00


Obstructing Traffic  $33.00 $57.00
Parked in "Disabled Only" space (1st violation) $153.00  
Parked in "Disabled Only" space (2nd violation) $253.00