Miami Beach lodging, definitions of transiency

Definitions of Transiency: Non-transient vs Transient Lodging

non transient vs transient lodging‘Non-transient’ Miami Beach lodging is defined as public lodging that is rented for a period of at least 30 days with the intent that the residence will be the tenant’s only home. A good example of ‘non-transient’ Miami Beach lodging would be apartments or boarding houses with more than four units.

“Non-transient’ lodging means any condo or groups of condos, buildings, or group of buildings, which are rented to guests for periods of less than 30 days or 1 calendar month, whichever is less, or which is advertised or held out to the public as a place regularly rented to guests.

For Miami Beach lodging, ‘non-transient’ is considered to be long term rental for more than 6 months regardless if the property is furnished or not. Lease agreements are standard and designed to protect renters. A landlord must take civil action to enforce the provisions of the rental contract. The eviction process is started and can be enforced by the sheriff or the police department.

‘Transient’ Miami lodging is defined as a rental or lease of Miami Beach lodging for the period of 6 months or less and includes condo-hotel stays and Miami Beach apartment rentals.

Transient Miami Beach lodging properties should be properly licensed by the state and the city. Many of these transient properties in Miami need to be structurally modified in order to provide a safer environment for its guests.

Transient Miami Beach lodging apartments must follow the rules for public lodging which are overseen by the Department of Business and professional Regulation (DBPR). Clients that are not satisfied may file a complaint with the DBPR.If a complaint is filed and a short term operator is found responsible he might be fined or even have his license suspended. Vacation rental agreements are commercial contracts and are designed to protect both parties. Both the owner and the guest are bound by the contract they have signed.

The definitions of transiency in Miami are clearly outlined by the city and state and often times short term rental disputes are brought to court and arbitrated in front of a judge. In some cases the manager or owner of the Miami Beach lodging may have a problem with unruly guests and will be forced to call the Miami Beach Police Department to have them removed from the premises as hotels often do.