Nails in Miami Beach

Everything feels better when you have your nails done, it is that simple. Well, you are in the right town for that. Finding quality places for nails in Miami Beach is easy. We can point you in the right direction. With so many excellent places that do Nails in Miami Beach to choose from, you are likely to find one near your vacation rentals South Beach Miami. Here are some that we like:

Paula’s Salon
1300 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 672-0503

Paula’s offers amazing pedicures and manicures. They even offer some cutting-edge end of summer hair treatments to help your hair recover from everything you have put it through! Combine all of that with an amazing staff with a charming attitude and you have a winner at Paula’s.

Lace Nail and Beauty Labs
1935 West Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 604-0111

The staff at Lace is professionally trained and world-class. Combine that with their wonderful environment and first rate products and you don’t have to look much farther for a great mani or pedi!

Blush Nail Salon
1433 Alton Road
Miami Beach
(305) 672-3377

Blush does it all. Manicures, pedicures, hot stone treatments, wax treatments - you name it. Blush is a full service foot and hand salon, offering treatments for things such as calluses. Call them or visit their website at for more on their extensive list of options.

South Beach Body Waxing Co.
1352 Washington Avenue
(305) 531-3130

South Beach Body Waxing Co. is an established and award winning organization with a great reputation. Their full service facility does full nail sets, waxing, eyelash extentions, and facials. Their website,, offers a full set of details of their long list of options!

Nails 111
111 Alton Road
Miami Beach

Nails 111 has a friendly staff, a beautiful facility, and a full list of services. What’s not to like? At Nails 111, you can find your mani/pedi options, but also hair up do’s and blowouts, paraffin waxes, and even spray tanning! Nails 111 is definitely worth checking out.

McAllister Spa
1301 Alton Rd
Miami Beach
(305) 604-0550

McAllister Spa is certainly a bit more full-featured than most nail salons. Their luxurious vibe is well complimented by their extensive list of services and options. McAllister offers a full variety of nail services as well as hair, tanning, massage, threading, and waxing.