Miami Design Preservation League

The non-profit organization "Miami Design Preservation League" (MDPL) aims to preserve, protect and promote the culture, social integrity, economy, environment and architecture of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District and its surroundings. Created by Barbara Capitman, the Miami Design Preservation League is the world's oldest Art Deco organization. The Miami Design Preservation League offers cultural and educational programs for U.S. residents and tourists staying in Miami vacation rentals. Come out of your Miami vacation rentals to rediscover the District through classic films from the period and contemporary films. Participate at free conferences in an attempt to re-examine the cultural, historical, artistic and architectural essence of Miami Beach and South Florida. The best way to understand and appreciate the Art Deco District buildings is to attend the tours. Led by local historians, architects and trained tour guides, these tours provide an introduction to Art Deco and Mediterranean styles of the Renaissance found throughout the architecture of Miami Beach; even your very own Miami vacation rentals can be an Art Deco building. All guided tours (unless otherwise noted) begin out of the Art Deco gift shop, located at 10th & Ocean Drive.