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When coming to Miami one of the first think vacationers to is start researching on the internet to book their plane tickets, their car rentals, their hotel rooms their South Beach vacation rentals but also on things to do in Miami. Online Miami City guides provide the best source of information for travelers because they are updated on a daily basis and offer a wealth of information in a few clicks. At, the South Beach vacation rental specialist we aim at offering great information on Miami. Our role is not only to offer the best quality best valued South Beach vacation rental properties but also to offer tips and infos on our wonderful city. Searching online, guests will be submerged by a hundreds of city guides, they will need to find the best ones. Miami city guides are being published by local companies, travel magazines, newspaper magazines, search engines, online internet companies, neighborhoods national websites, which ones to choose.

We suggest that travelers search and find the best quality websites, they should stay away from the pure commercial websites that might not be very objective and stay with websites that maintain a level of neutrality. We also favor local websites that are based in South Beach, they usually have a deeper understanding of the city where they are based, sites such as:,,

Travelers should research Miami thoroughly to organize their staying, avoiding tourist traps and get the best possibles deals.

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