Miami Beach yearly weather

Miami is a world-class beach city that enjoys an enviable sunny tropical climate almost year round with a high of 85 – 95 F and a cool low of 70 – 80 F at night. Miami Beach yearly weather is great for outdoor activities of all kinds, from social gatherings to sports. Even though the reigning temperatures are tropical, the ocean breeze gently cools the city. Miami receives abundant rainfall, one of the highest among major U.S. cities. Most of this rainfall occurs from mid-May through early October. It receives annual rainfall of 58.6 inches every year.

In addition to its sea-level elevation, coastal location and position just above the Tropic of Cancer, the area owes its warm, humid climate to the Gulf Stream, which moderates climate year-round. A typical summer day does not have temperatures below 75 F (24 C). Temperatures in the high 80’s to low 90’s (30-35 C) accompanied by high humidity are often relieved by afternoon thunderstorms or a sea breeze that develops off the Atlantic Ocean, which then allow lower temperatures, although conditions still remain very muggy. During winter, humidity is significantly lower, allowing for cooler weather to develop. Average minimum temperatures during that time are around 59 F (15 C), rarely dipping below 40 F (4 C), and the equivalent maxima usually range between 65 and 75 F (18-24 C).

Miami Beach yearly weather has never recorded a triple-digit or a single-digit temperature, which makes the city an ideal place to enjoy your vacation rentals in South Beach. The highest temperature recorded was 98 F (37 C) and the coldest temperature ever recorded in the city of Miami was 30 F (-1 C). The only time in history that Miami has seen snow was on January 20, 1977. A cooperative temperature and rainfall recording site was established in what is now downtown Miami in December of 1900. An official Weather Bureau Office was opened in Miami on June 1911.