Informations générales et juridiques sur les locations de vacances Miami Beach

Miami Beach lodging can be sorted into different categories from long term rentals to legal Miami Beach vacation rentals, each with its own legal definition. Each category has its own licensing requirements and its own unique set of rules and regulations.

Each category of Miami Beach lodging is regulated by the state of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and must be properly licensed. Long term rentals of either and apartment or a home are governed by "traditional" real estate laws which are drastically different than the laws that apply to transient rentals. The transient laws and regulations for Miami Beach vacation rentals are very similar to the laws that govern hotels in Miami.

3 Types of Miami Beach Vacation Rentals

Miami Beach Vacation Rentals in a Furnished Condo or Home
Miami Beach vacation rentals in either a condo or a home most be located in an area of the city that has been zoned for this type of activity. A furnished condo must also be in a building that allows short term rentals. Furnished condos and homes that are being used as short term rentals must be licensed by both the city and the state. Licenses include a transient apartment for condos public lodging facility for the first and as for the last.

Miami Beach Vacation Rentals in a Hotel Suite
Similar to a traditional hotel room, hotel suites are spacious often with multiple rooms that include a living or sitting room and a convertible couch. Miami Beach vacation rentals in a hotel suite are usually more expensive and do not include a kitchen. Hotels offering these types of suites must also be properly licensed.

Miami Beach Vacation Rentals in a Condo Hotel or Aparthotel
Condo hotels and aparthotels are a hybrid category mixing the qualities of both an apartment and of a hotel. They are usually larger than a traditional hotel room and include a kitchen. Condo hotels and Aparthotels also required to be properly licensed to operate in Miami.