Information on Miami Beach Zoning

Miami Beach zoning consists of a set of rules and regulations used by the city in order to regulate the way that specific areas of land can be used within the city’s boundaries. These ordinances are enforced by the city in order to control the expansion of the community and to ensure the functionality and safety of each Miami Beach accommodation. The City of Miami Beach is divided into two main sectors, residential zones and commercial zones.

Miami Beach zoning ordinances prevent a liquor store from opening up next to an elementary school or a building that operates short term rentals from being built in quiet residential neighborhood. However, an operator of a Miami Beach accommodation can apply for a ‘special use’ permit, allowing them a specific exception to the zoning regulations from a list of acceptable exceptions for a particular zone.

Miami Beach zoning laws can change making what may be legal today, illegal in the future. A good example would be the recent ordinances restricting Miami Beach’s short term rentals in condos and single-family homes. Only a few qualified operators who were ‘grandfathered’ in are allowed to continue operating short term rentals in their Miami Beach accommodation.