Illegal rentals based on zoning ordinances Miami Beach

Real estate zoning is Miami Beach zoning ordinances are a set of laws used by the city to regulate the way that a particular property may be used. Real estate zoning generally divides a municipality into a number of subcategories such as residential zoning that include its own restrictions for things such the type of business allowed. Miami Beach zoning ordinances keep people from turning their home in a quiet private community into a South Beach vacation rental. Without these zoning laws property values in certain areas would drop.

In some cases the City of Miami Beach will allow exceptions to these zoning laws and issues can ‘special use’ permit. These permits must be applied for, approved by the city and often times will require the approval of neighbors as well.

The City of Miami Beach’s Zoning Department defines South Beach vacation rentals, which have become a popular alternative to a hotel, as any rental that’s less than six months and one day. However the Miami Beach City Code, Miami Beach Land Development Regulation – Chapter 142, Article IV, Division 3, states that South Beach vacation rentals are prohibited in all single-family homes and in many multi-family housing buildings in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach. is one of a couple operators that still holds the proper licenses and certificates of use permitting them to operate short term rental in the areas that have recently banned them. If a building or unit is found to be operating a short-term rental illegally and does not have the proper licensing, tenants and visitors will be evicted and the owner will be fined.