Condo docs restrict short term rentals

A condominium is a collection of individual units that are independently owned and the common areas as well with the land which they sit are jointly owned. Condominium buildings in Miami Beach are managed bya condominium association and are governed by a set of rules and regulations outlined in the condominium documents. These condo documents detail covenants, conditions and any restrictions related to that property. They are the bylaws for the condo building and owners must abide by these rules and regulations. Often times these condo docs restrict short term rentals of each unit.

Once signed, an owner is responsible for respecting the terms outlined in the condominium documents. These condo docs will determine whether the owner of the unit can or cannot use their condo for short term South Beach lodging.  Most of the condominium buildings in Miami Beach have rental restrictions that prohibit them from using the property for weekly South Beach lodging.
Before considering operating a condo as a vacation rental owners should review in detail their condo documents. If a building or condo owner is found to be operating a short-term rental illegally, guests will be evicted and fines will apply to the owner.