How to detect and avoid Scams in South Beach Miami

The Internet is a very useful tool; however, it also comes with annoyances such as an increase in scams and fraudulent activity. There have been a large number of fraud incidents occurring on the Internet and, over time, such attempts have made their way into the online travel industry. Scam artists take money from innocent tourists who believe they are paying for vacation rentals that, in actuality, do not exist or belong to someone else. Look out for some signs to detect and prevent fraud. That’s why we offer you information on how to detect and avoid Scams in vacation rentals in South Beach Miami:

•    Be careful with vacation rental listings without pictures
If you see only a few pictures of the vacation rental on the notice, request additional pictures from the owner. The owner should be able to provide pictures of vacation rentals from all angles.

•    Call the agency and ask lots of questions
Inquire about the vacation rentals property up to the smallest detail. Beware of any hesitation or unfamiliarity of the property. Continue calling back with questions until you are sure the owner is trustworthy.

•    Be extra careful when browsing free online classifieds
Many legit owners advertise their properties on free online ads, but unfortunately, these sites are filled with crooks too. Free online classifieds like or are an easy way for scammers to operate and not have to lose money. Plus, there is no one to check the properties.

•    Paperwork

Sign a contract that references what it is that you have reserved. You may also request proof of ownership.

•    Research the reputation of the vacation rental agency
Working with a vacation rental company is less risky because you can simply check the qualifications of the company. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and travel forums.