How illegal vacation rentals in South Beach are discovered?

Recently the City of Miami and Miami Beach passed new laws that limit the operation of Miami Beach lodging for short term rentals. In some areas of Miami these new laws and ordinances put a stop to the operation of vacation rentals altogether. The municipalities in Miami-Dade that adopted new short term rental laws are taking the matter very seriously. This is most evident in Miami Beach who has issued numerous violations, fines and even evicted guests who were just innocent victims of an illegal short term rental operator.

You may be wondering how these illegal vacation rentals in South Beach Miami are being discovered. While the city relies heavily on residents to report any illegal short-term Miami Beach lodging there several steps that the city takes themselves to identify illegal short term operators.
•    City code officers will patrol neighborhoods looking for frequent turnover of cars that are parked in the driveway of homes.
•    Check addresses that have previously received fines and violations.
•    Follow up on anonymous complaints made on the city’s website.
•    Follow up on complaints made by condo and homeowner associations.
•    Search vacation rental websites and classified ads to identify addresses that are prohibited from renting short term.  
•    Follow up on complaints from consumers who have been scammed.

If you want to report a property in Miami or Miami Beach that is operating short term rentals illegally or have been a victim of an illegal vacation rental you may contact the Miami Beach Code Compliance office at 305-673-7555.

To make an anonymous complaint and to report someone that is operating an illegal short term rental you may go online and use the city’s website here……..