Health in Miami Beach, Miami Beach lodging

It does not matter where you go, when you are living an active lifestyle you want to keep fit and maintain your health. Well, fitness and health in Miami Beach is no different. There are a variety of clubs that can help you stay healthy during your stay. Many of them are just steps away from most Miami Beach lodging. When it comes to health in Miami Beach, we have a few places we recommend. Everything from spas to gyms and everything health related in between. Here’s where you can get working on your fitness and health in Miami Beach.

Health-Physical Training

1676 Alton Road
Miami Beach
(305) 531-4743

Crunch offers everything you would expect from a top-end health facility in Miami Beach. Aside from the state-of-the-art machines, Crunch also offers every conceivable class including: cardio, action sports classes, dance, pilates, and Zumba Sentao. Best of all, hit up and sign up for a free guest pass so you can experience there take on health before committing.

Equinox Fitness
520 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 673-1172

Equinox is a major health destination in Miami Beach. This massive studio features world class instruction and a variety of programs. BOSU, spinning, dance, cardio, and general fitness regimes are all focused on at Equinox. The club also boasts Kiehl’s beauty products, eucalyptus towels, a steam room, and a juice bar. The staff at Equinox has all of your health needs covered.

David Barton Gym
2323 Collins Avenue
Gansevoort Miami beach
(305) 534-1660

You honestly have never seen a more robust and attractive health complex than David Barton Gym. There is nothing like it in the area, and possibly the country. David Barton Gym is completely high-end throughout and features the best in fitness and the best in style. DB Gym showcases: 45,000 sq ft of workout space, 2 floors of cardio, Yoga Studio, Combat and Boxing Club, group cycling, a swimming pool, beach access, and a spa with ocean views. You will also find valet parking, live DJ’s, and therapeutic and sports massage. Membership packages vary, but contact them at to set up a free workout and tour.

South Florida Boxing
715 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 672-8262

There is more to health than just cardio and spa treatments. For a different style of health and fitness, take a look at South Florida Boxing. They offer a variety of equipment including cardio and free weights. The staff at South Florida Boxing is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Try one of their classes in Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, or R.I.T.E. (Routine Is The Enemy) and you will know what a health/fitness workout really is! SFB offers free tours and a free class to perspective members. Visit their website for details at

ProperForm Private Fitness
1935 West Avenue #208
Miami Beach
(305) 531-8818

With all of these great choices, you might prefer a health option that is more specific to your needs. While each of the above fitness centers offers private instruction, it can be argued that no one does that better than ProperForm Private Fitness. Starting at around $70 per hour, the world-class staff at ProperForm will work with you to design a program based on your health goals. If you need to lose weight, or train for an event, or even just be a bit healthier, the staff at ProperForm pledges to work with you every step of the way. Contact them today at to discuss your customized strategy.

465 West 41st Street
Miami Beach
(305) 674-9899

As seen on the NBC show, “The Biggest Loser”, the team at Hiperfit knows what they are doing. Completely customized health and fitness training, based solely on each individual client. Hiperfit’s well-trained staff works directly with you and helps you reach your goals, in a realistic fashion. Call their Miami Beach location at (305) 674-9899 to start on your path to a healthier you. Or visit their website at for more information.

Health and Beauty – Damaged Skin/Hair Treatments

Van Michael Salon
1667 Michigan Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 534-6789

There is more to health than just having a tight bod. True Miamians know that your skin, hair, and even your mental state all link together when it comes to health. So, why not work with the pros who have worked with: Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Ricky Martin, and even Julia Roberts? The staff of the stars is at Van Michael Salon. Their refreshing approach to health and beauty is senstational. With a team that is among the most highly trained in the industry, they offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your specific health needs.

Oribe Salon
1627 Euclid Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 538-8006

Oribe Salon is a health staple in the Miami Beach area. This stunning, yet welcoming, environment offers up just about anything you could ask for including: styling, color, perms, make-up, extensions, and bridal. The amazingly appointed studio, complete with styling chairs designed by Porsche, is an experience in its own right. You should stop in and see Oribe, it is just that phenomenal.

Salon Vaso
1500 Alton Rd Miami Beach (305) 674-7470

It only takes one second at Salon Vaso for you to realize that you are in great hands. Much more than just a styling salon, Salon Vaso is all about doing things the right way to bring you a comprehensive health and beauty experience. With unprecedented attention to detail, the staff here will not stop until you are completely satisfied. For health in Miami Beach you owe it to yourself to add Salon Vaso to your list.

Paula’s Salon
1300 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 672-0503

You may wonder why a place called “Paula’s Salon” would make our health/fitness list. Well, Paula’s is not your typical salon. Sure they offer everything you would expect but they also offer some cutting-edge end of summer treatments to help your hair recover from everything you have put it through! Saltwater, chlorine, and sun can destroy normally healthy hair – the staff at Paula’s can help. Give them a call!

Gustavo Briand Studio
1701 Sunset Harbor Dr # 106
Miami Beach
(305) 673-3600

Gustavo Briand Studio has a team of specialists that is, quite simply, among the best at fixing damaged hair as well as bringing out your true health potential. They have some specific options for men that you will not find at most health salons. Their website,, helps walk you through their impressive list of treatments.