Important Miami Beach Emergency Contact Numbers

Important Miami Beach Emergency Contact Numbers

Miami Beach is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US with over 10 million people visiting the city each year to bask in the sunny weather and experience the incredible night life. While Miami Beach is considered a safe city and has an efficient police department vacationers should always keep on them a list Miami Beach emergency contact numbers. We also caution visitors staying in Miami Beach lodging to stay alert and be aware of their surroundings. Choose a Miami Beach lodging that is secured and located in a well lit area.

Vacations in Miami are meant to be fun and filled with excitement but a vacation can be thrown off course by the smallest emergency. Be prepared and have the most important Miami Beach Emergency contact numbers close by. From a simple slip and fall to a pickpocket making off with your travel funds or even a threat of a hurricane you and your family should always be prepared in case of an emergency while vacationing.

Keep these Miami Beach emergency contact numbers with you or inside your Miami Beach lodging rental where they can be easily accessed in case of an emergency.


IMPORTANT: CALL 911 immediately if you have a medical emergency or feel that your life is in danger. Trained emergency communications specialists will answer the phone and dispatch the appropriate service.
Fire/Police/Ambulance:    9.1.1
Florida Poison Center: 800-222-1222
Beach Patrol & Ocean Rescue   305-673-7714
Hate Crime Hotline:   305-604-2110
Fish & Wildlife Commission:    800-432-2046
Red Cross:    305-468-5900
Crime Tip Hotline:    305-604-2100
Crime Stoppers:  305-471-TIPS


Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program 305-513-7700  
National Weather Service  305-229-4522
National Hurricane Center   305-229-4470
Miami Emergency Operations Center  305-468-5400
American Red Cross 305-644-1200


Beach Towing    305-534-2128
Tremont Towing   305-672-2395


Rape Treatment Center 305-585-5185
Narcotics Anonymous 305-265-9555
Alcoholics Anonymous 305-371-7784
Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233
First Call for Help / Crisis Line  305-358-4357
National Center for Children   800-843-5678


International Airport Miami   305-876-7000
Passport Information Center 877-487-2778
Police at airport 305-876-7373
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration 800-375-5283
U.S. Postal Service   800-275-8777
Weather Service 305-229-4522