Electronic Stores in Miami Beach near South Beach Lodging


Many people that book South Beach lodging have traveled to Miami from Latin America with one thing mind, to shop. Not only are the prices great but there are electronic stores in Miami Beach that carry "discount" merchandise such as cell phones, cameras, computers, laptops and more. These electronic stores Miami Beach are very close to South Beach lodging and cater mostly to the South American tourists.

Miami has over 6000 exporters and importers and the majority of these are exporters of consumer electronics, computer and General Merchandise. Many of these dealers also have electronic stores in Miami Beach where they sell their products at a reduced coast and even offer great deals on refurbished items such as laptops and international cell phones.

If you feel like venturing off the beach to shop you may want to head towards Downtown Miami. This highly commercial area is just five minutes from South Beach lodging a and also offers many electronic stores.

Below is a list of just some of the electronic stores in Miami Beach.

Best buy
1101 5th St
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 535-8539

Deco Electronics
203 11th St
Miami Beach, FL
(786) 276-9970

Digitech Cameras & Electronics
1664 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 674-9855

Electronics Boutique
1136 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL
(786) 276-9099

1633 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 673-0420

International Electronics
433 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 674-8233

Smash Electronics
344 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 538-2409

Sobe Electronics
1059 Collins Ave, #102
Miami Beach, FL
(305) 532-0039

Sobe Electronics
345 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL  
(305) 672-7892