Tips on Driving in Miami Beach

Driving in Miami Beach Around South Beach Lodging

At we not only help you to find the best South Beach lodging but we also provide information for those vacationers that may be driving in Miami Beach. From a quick guide of the local traffic laws to tips on where to park in South Beach, we hope to help you avoid any costly mistakes that may ruin your Miami Beach vacation.

If you are staying in South Beach lodging, driving in Miami Beach is a convenient way to see all the wonderful things the city has to offer. However, we caution visitors that are new to Miami and particularly those drivers that have International licenses. Miami has been rated number one for having the rudest drivers in the country. A passive approach to driving in Miami Beach may help you to avoid an altercation with another driver or even an accident.

Before leaving the comfort and safety of your South Beach lodging we ask that you click on the links below and familiarize yourself with local traffic and driving laws in Miami Beach.

Tips on Driving In Miami Beach:


Local Traffic Laws & Regulations

Sunpass & Tolls

Red Light Cameras

Don't Drink and Drive

Operating a Motorcycle or Scooter

Parking in South Beach