Contract a travel health insurance

Our travel health insurance plans allow you to see any health provider and include coverage for hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and more.

So you are planning your big trip to Miami Beach? Excellent! Once you have your South Beach vacation rentals squared away, it may be time to think about insurance. What? That is right, insurance. Many guests lately have been making sure to contract a travel health insurance policy before departing. Mainly, this is done to offer some peace of mind.

Travel health insurance can allow policy holders the ability to see any health providers (if needed), hospital care, surgery, or even just prescriptions. You never know when you might need those services when away from home.

If you think you might want to look into contract a travel health insurance, start with your own insurance agent. Give them a call to explore options. Or, here are a couple of places that can get you started.

HTH Worldwide
HTH has an excellent website that can not only show you options but can also help you answer questions that you might have about travel health insurance.

Insure My Trip is another great resource for exploring travel insurance. Their Frequently Asked Questions section can help explain options as well as providers.

Trip Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage that is easy to understand. Furthermore, they are partnered with many reputable firms. This is another great resource to explore travel insurance options before committing.