Change of Occupancy Miami Beach

The buildings code classifies how a building is used into different categories or “occupancies”.  A Change of Occupancy Permit is required whenever the use of a building changes from one occupancy to another. For example, a change of occupancy is required to use a residential building as short term Miami lodging.

To get a change of occupancy permit for a building the building code requires that the building meet all current code requirements for that new use. That means that a residential building used for transient or long term tenants cannot be used for short term Miami lodging until it complies with the requirements for a non-transient residency.

A “Change of Occupancy” for Miami lodging applies to the use of a building only, and should not be confused with the requirements of the Zoning Code to change the use of a property. Building occupancy classifications address the impact of the building on the occupants of the building, whereas zoning use classifications tend to focus on the impact of the use on the surrounding properties.