Booking a table in local restaurants South Beach

Miami is laden with great dining choices. However, gaining access to some of these stunning dining choices can be tricky. So, what is the best way to book a table restaurant Miami Beach? Well, we can help you with that. If you have managed to get your South Beach lodging squared away, this will be a walk in the park. Now, let’s help you book a table restaurant Miami Beach.

Take stock of your goals
If you are trying to get into a restaurant that features exceptional food and world-class service, just planning ahead might be enough. These people are experts. Problems arise when you are trying to get in to the “latest and greatest” restaurant. The destinations with a ton of celebrities and socialites are the areas that will give you obstacles. So consider what your goal is. Just looking for a great meal? Avoid the “in” places and set your sights on any of the great local places. Trying to get in to the “hottest” place in town? Be prepared to work, and wait.

Take names
Make note to get the name of the individual taking the reservation. That can be a nice piece of information to have. Better yet, get the manager’s name as well. Sometimes the person taking the reservation is not the person who is seating people come dinner time. Knowledge is power!

Call in the afternoon
This is the best time to get someone on the phone. The hostess station shouldn’t be too busy at this time. Trying to call right before the dinner rush is a recipe for disaster.

Go online!
Try You might come away with a reservation or at least you will have the confirmation of a reservation. There is some leverage to be had there.

Threatening to take your business elsewhere
This does not work. These restaurants are booking tables right and left, we all know this. One standard client is not going to have much pull by threatening to walk. This brings us to the next point…

Don’t be the person who screams "Do you know who I am?"
Unless you happen to actually be super famous, this is not a good road to go down. You probably should also not threaten to write the paper or blog or Facebook or what-have-you. These types of declarations do not have the type of impact we consumers wish they did.

If the host or hostess indicates that there will be a significant wait, and that you should go hit the bar until a table is available, try waiting them out. Sometimes stating “I prefer to stand and wait here” will result in expedited service. Or, at least, it may bring a manager over to see if they can address your needs.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Just keep in mind, the days of “the customer is always right” seem to be numbered. Just be knowledgeable, courteous, and a bit flexible. That will serve you much better in the long run!