Best Weather in South Beach

You know those posters where you see a pristine beach and a cabana or something? There may even be a nice towel and ice-cold beverage in the image as well. You know what I am talking about? Well chances are that those posters were taken from images from some world-class Miami Beach accommodation. The setting pulls you in with the amazing architecture, crystal clear waters, and tremendous culture. However, setting is often determined by weather. And the best weather in South Beach is better than anything you have ever experienced. Seriously, the sun, the temps, and beautiful breezes will have you leaving your Miami Beach accommodation and trying all sorts of wonderful diversions! After all, that is what vacation is all about.

The best weather in South Beach allows for just about any type of outdoor activity you can imagine. Golf, tennis, shopping, boating, even dining – you name it and it can be done in this spectacular climate. The high temperatures never seem too hot, and the lows are always mild. Actually, the climate in Miami usually sees very little fluctuation.

For instance, the area usually sees its coldest month in January. According to The Weather Channel, January has an average high temperature of 74 degrees. On the other end of the spectrum, the average low in January is 61 degrees. Not too shabby for January! You will find that August is normally the hottest month in Miami.

August sees high temps around 89 degrees with lows near 79 – sounds pretty good, no?

Anyway you slice it, Miami offers the best in everything: dining, shopping, clubbing, architectures, style, outdoor activities, and even weather. It is a hard place to beat!