Health and Beauty in Miami Beach and South Beach

Just because you are in a new city, do not feel as though you can’t find a salon or health and beauty provider that fits your needs. That is not the case at all! This is Miami Beach! Health and beauty Miami Beach is easy to find. Another nice plus, many of these health and beauty Miami Beach providers are located near your South Beach accommodation. So, let us guide you to places you can go for all of your salon needs.

Oribe Salon
1627 Euclid Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 538-8006

Oribe Salon is a staple in the area for all things health and beauty Miami Beach. This serene and welcoming environment offers a variety of services including: styling, color, perms, make-up, extensions, and bridal. But just listing those services is selling Oribe short. The expertly designed studio, complete with styling chairs designed by Porsche, is an experience in its own right. Oribe must be seen to be believed.

Paula’s Salon
1300 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 672-0503

Paula’s Salon is truly a place that does it all. Everything from fixing colors and cuts to pedicures and manicures, Paula’s does it all. They even offer some great end of summer treatments to help your hair recover from everything you have put it through! On top of it all their staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Van Michael Salon
1667 Michigan Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 534-6789

Van Michael Salon does things a bit differently. Their refreshing approach to health and beauty is amazing. The Van Michael team is among the most highly trained in the industry. While they offer a variety of services that other salons do, it is their list of clients that is eye-opening. Famous clients include Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Ricky Martin, and even Julia Roberts.

Gustavo Briand Studio
1701 Sunset Harbor Dr # 106
Miami Beach
(305) 673-3600

Gustavo Briand Studio has world class Master Stylists and Creative Directors. This team of specialists is among the best at fixing damaged hair as well as bringing out your true potential. They have some wonderful options for men as well. Check out their website at to see their extensive list of features and options.

Salon Vaso
1500 Alton Rd
Miami Beach
(305) 674-7470

Salon Vaso is exclusive and high-end, but you always feel like you are their most important client. That is the mark of a wonderful staff and environment. While their offerings, at least on paper, are similar to other salons, the results are often above and beyond expectation. If you are in the market for a salon in Miami Beach, you owe it to yourself to add Salon Vaso to your shortlist!.