Miami Beach City Ordinances: Ban Short Term Rentals in Homes

In 2000, the municipality of Miami Beach began to address short term rental issues by adopting two administrative interpretations that banned short term rentals in Miami Beach lodging. Those Miami Beach City ordinances were challenged by the operators of these short term rentals forcing the city to pass new laws. The law stated that property rights could no longer be altered by a city’s interpretation. Any attempt to restrict short term rentals in Miami Beach lodging must be made public and voted on.

NOTE: The City of Miami Beach interprets short term rentals as any rental of Miami Beach lodging for less than six months. In the past these restrictions were focused mainly on residential districts.

In 2008, the City of Miami Beach addressed the single-family home issue by passing an ordinance in to outright ban the rental of single-family homes for short periods of times. The Miami Beach City ordinances banning short term rentals of single-family homes in residential areas of Miami Beach did not allow for any exceptions.

The issue began when vacationers would rent and organized wild parties in homes located in private island neighborhoods of Miami Beach such as Star and Palm Island. Attendees would pay hefty entry fees to drink and party all night in one of Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Neighbors made complaints to the city who then determined these homes were being used for commercial activity. The rest is history.

In 2008, the city also began to regulate short term rentals in multifamily districts of Miami Beach by severely restricting rentals in condominiums located RM1 zoned residential districts. The city provided exemptions for a few operators that were legally engaged in short rentals before the ordinance was passed. The fifty Miami Beach lodging apartments that were grandfathered in had to first comply with strict building and the fire codes.

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