Applications par la ville Miami Beach - Location illégales

In 2008 and 2010 the City of Miami Beach passed two ordinances that severely limited Miami Beach lodging rentals. These new laws primarily affected the short term rental of homes located in residential neighborhoods and the rental of Miami Beach vacation condos in South Beach’s Flamingo Park district. However, exceptions were made for a few select operators in the Flamingo Park neighborhood. These owners were granted the Grandfather Clause allowing them to continue to operate legal short term rentals.

The City of Miami Beach added additional man power to enforce these new ordinances and to crack down on the operation of illegal Miami vacation rentals. Over the following six months nearly ninety cases involving illegal Miami vacation rentals were brought in front of a judge.

The City of Miami Beach used several different approaches in order to locate properties that were allegedly operating illegally. Some of the measures taken were by Code Enforcement officers who patrolled Miami neighborhoods to identifying homes that had an unusual turnaround of new vehicles parked on the property. These officers would also periodically check on owners that had previous violations for the illegal operation of Miami Beach lodging condos or homes. The internet, specifically online rental classifieds, played a vital role in the city’s search for illegal operators.  

The City of Miami Beach had help from others who helped enforce the new short term rental ordinances such as neighbors that were tired of their neighborhood being disrupted by the constant flow of new people. Many anonymous complaints were made online through the city’s website and Condo Associations were reporting homeowners that were operating short term rentals.