Top 10 Miami Beach Nightclubs

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The Nightlife South Beach scene is legendary sizzling with possibility and driven by fashion and entertainment industry mavens. Dubbed the ‘Sun and Fun Capital’ by Jackie Gleason in the 60s, Miami Beach has since evolved into America’s Riviera and a Latin Hollywood, with theatrical flair.

The top 10 Miami Beach nightclubs offer a sizzling variety of music. At Tobacco Road, downtown Miami's oldest bar, live jazz and blues bands serve up quality sound in a smoky, bluesy atmosphere. In Little Havana, the air is filled with Afro-Cuban rhythms and rumba rap as well as a fusion of funk beats and Latin rhythms. Just west of the Bay area Miami Beach nightclubs spin Brazilian funk tunes and groove to "indie rock" electro-pop and classic new wave.

As the moon makes its trek across the sky, dance clubs, lounges and bars, from Miami to nightlife South Beach, open their doors to warm ocean breezes and the beautiful people who fill their dance floors and VIP rooms to capacity every night. Taking the cue, nighttime revelers put on their dancing shoes and begin to dance the night away (oftentimes to a Latin beat) at Miami dance clubs and dance parties.

The top 10 Miami Beach nightclubs in Greater Miami boast some of the hottest venues in the world. In South Beach, club hoppers can stroll streets that teem with activity all night long. They can also find lots of party action and live music in the Design District area. Nearby, Downtown Miami is giving South Beach a run for its money with new emerging hot spots, while Coconut Grove is a favorite late-night stop for fun-seekers. Here a list of the top 10 night clubs in Miami.

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