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Far and away the most exciting city in Florida, MIAMI is a stunning and often intoxicatingly beautiful place. Awash with sunlight-intensified natural colors, there are moments – when the neon-flashed South Beach skyline glows in the warm night and the palm trees sway in the breeze – when a better-looking city is hard to imagine. Even so, people, not climate or landscape, are what make Miami unique. Half of the two million population is Hispanic, the vast majority Cubans. Spanish is the predominant language almost everywhere – in many places it's the only language you'll hear, and you'll be expected to speak at least a few words – and news from Havana, Caracas or Managua frequently gets more attention than the latest word from Washington, DC.

Posh Miami, the glittering jewel in Florida's beach-fringed crown, has some of the best eye-candy around: its stunning Art Deco architecture, white-sand beaches, decadent boardwalks, swanky nightlife, Cuban vibe, and abundant South Beach celebrity-sightings combine to give the city a hedonistic lifestyle that’s second to none. Indeed, as many of our members point out, Miami typically wakes up when the rest of the world goes to bed. used to be called "God's Waiting Room" because of the many octogenarians eking out their last moments by the pool. Today the old folks mingle with fashion designers, bikini models and Cuban émigrés and tourists.

Miami is a melting pot that would make America's founders swell with pride. Half of Miami's population is Hispanic. For the casual visitor this means a city peppered with the flavors of Latin American food, language and music. Food and music, in fact, showcase Miami's zest for all things sensual. Cool jazz, spirited salsa rhythms and a cuisine that unites fresh seafood, tropical fruits and tongue-tingling peppers provide evidence of a people and a city mesmerized by – and dedicated to – the spices of life. Give yourself over to its many incarnations in Miami's most sizzling neighborhoods: Little Havana, South Beach or the Design District. Each one boasts top-notch clubs and superlative restaurants, energized by the buzz of a style-conscious clientele.

We know the feeling. Finding things to do Miami Beach can be overwhelming as you are completely spoiled for choice. You step out of your South Beach accommodation and say, “where do we begin?” Well, we can help you with that. Here are some excellent things to do Miami Beach style!

Get your grub on!
Miami Beach is no stranger to high quality dining. You owe it to yourself to hit at least two of the most famous restaurants while in town. We recommend Joe’s Stone Crab (11 Washington Avenue / South Beach / 305-673-0365). This South Beach classic has been serving up its unique offerings for nearly 100 years. There are no reservations taken here, so we recommend coming at lunch or early evening, and you will be glad you did! We also suggest trying to get in to The Dining Room at The Villa by Barton G (1116 Ocean Drive / South Beach / 305-576-8003). This 1930’s era landmark offers the best of two worlds – dynamite culinary options and a luxurious, Roman inspired setting. The Dining Room at The Villa by Barton G is unlike any place you will ever eat or see in your life.

Experience the beauty of Art Deco
Enjoy the weather and take a nice stroll around the stunning Art Deco Districtc. The focus of this hip area is at Ocean Drive, where some of the best Art Deco is to be found. If you want to experience it all, stop by the Art Deco District Welcome Center (1200 Ocean Drive) and get yourself a self-guided audio tour.

Light up some nice Cuban cigars
Why not stop by Little Havana (near Calle Ocho, SW 8th St) and experience some Cuban culture. The homes, restaurants, and shops are often replicas of the actual homes found in Cuba. The sights, the sounds, and the food are not to be missed!

Shop, shop, shop
You know that you are in Miami Beach, right? This is the place to come for some well-deserved retail therapy! While shops and boutiques abound in the surrounding area, the place to start is the famous Lincoln Road Mall ( You will not find a better mix of shopping, café’s, and even live music, anywhere in the city. It is simply an amazing place to be.

Why not some learning time?
The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (located on the Biscayne Bay, is straight out of a fairytale. The grounds, the architecture, and the sensational sightlines are completely awe-inspiring. Their website ( says it best, “Vizcaya is a lens through which to learn about art, interior design, architecture, landscape design, horticulture, and the environment, as well as the role of internationalism in the history of the United States and Miami.”

For ten days in Spring, Latino Miami is first and foremost with an dazzling array of pageants, sports, concerts and foods as part of Carnaval Miami ( This is the real deal! You will find parties on every street, music everywhere, and tons of wonderful food. You have never seen a party like this, and it is worth your time to check it out if you are in town. Heck, it is worth your time to get here for it if you are not in town!

Beer me
You may think of Miami as more of a champagne town, but trust us, you can get some high-quality beer right in town at The Abbey Brewing Company. At the Abbey, you are treated like a regular and will have a grand old time sampling their variety of beers. The atmosphere is like that of any great pub across the pond. If you are looking to get away from glitz and glamour for an evening, look no further than The Abbey Brewing Company (



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