South Beach Vacation Rentals Prices

South Beach vacation rentals price vary according to the size, luxury and standard that you are looking for. Whatever your budget is, you will always find an affordable vacation rental in South Beachwith Usually, Art Deco buildings offer more affordable South Beach vacation rentals, while big buildings feature luxury South Beach vacation condos with ocean view and full amenities.

The seasonality is also a big factor as far as South Beach vacation rentals prices are concerned.  Rates usually rise during winter time, from December to April, but also during the 2 months of July and August, with lots of visitors from Europe and Latin America. Miami is a city full of events such as the Miami Art Basel, Miami Boat Show, or Miami Winter Music Conference. During those events, South Beach vacation rentals prices are at the highest range and hardly negotiable.

It is very important to plan your Miami trip according to the seasonality and the big Miami events. If you are searching for an affordable vacation rental in South Beach, the months of May, June, September, October up to mid November are the perfect time to rent. You can make great deals with prices that are up to 50% off compared high season prices.

Hispaniola House

Hispaniola House

Location:Miami Beach

Price Low season from:        $700 /weekly
Price Medium Season from:$800 /weekly
Price High season from:     $1500 /weekly
   *Excluding Holidays & Special Events
Hispaniola House - H

This historic “Spanish art deco” building dates from the 30's,it was originally a private romantic house that has been fully restored but kept its original character. This Miami Beach Holiday rentals property was divided in 6 beautifu ...