Miami Beach Weather

There might be no better place to get away than Miami. The setting pulls you in with the amazing architecture, crystal clear waters, and tremendous culture. One of the more remarkable attributes of this heaven on Earth is its weather. Miami’s temperatures are, on average, surprisingly consistent. The climate in Miami Beach traditionally sees very little fluctuation. Truly, if you are eyeing up a trip to the area, there is no bad time of year to secure South Beach vacation rentals.

For instance, the climate in Miami Beach usually sees its coldest month in January. According to The Weather Channel, January sees average high temperatures of 74 degrees and average lows of 61 degrees. Not bad weather to relax in and enjoy the view from your South Beach vacation rentals! On the other end of the spectrum, if you can call a fifteen degree shift a spectrum, you will find that August is normally the hottest month in Miami.

August sees high temps around 89 degrees with lows near 79. Most places in the country, or possibly the world, cannot boast of that type of consistency! Now you may know the real secret of Miami: the nightlife, dining, and other aspects are secondary draws – the weather is the key!