Coconut Grove

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A place to experience exquisite dining and shopping along with world-class hotels.  Home to the historic Coconut Grove Playhouse, a South Florida landmark for more than 75 years and an acclaimed home for live theater since 1956.  Coconut Grove offers a cosmopolitan village setting where you can indulge with a visit to distinguished art galleries and cutting edge bars and nightclubs.

Coconut Grove is proud to host many outstanding events throughout the year such as the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the No. 1 arts festival in the Nation. The King Mango Strut Parade, a fun and light hearted parade filled with satirical interpretations of local public figures.  The Commodore Block Party; what could be better than fine dining and beautiful art and music under a cover of stars.  These are but a few of the many year round events held in the village.

The southern border of Coconut Grove is Biscayne Bay, which lends itself to a boating community. The area features a sailing club (Coconut Grove Sailing Club, a yacht club (Coral Reef Yacht Club) and a marina (Dinner Key Marina). Pan Am's seaplane operations were based in Dinner Key, and the Miami City Hall is based in the old Pan Am terminal building.

Coconut Grove is also home to The Kampong, an 8 acre (32,000 mē) tropical garden that forms part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Coconut Grove is also the location of The Barnacle Historic State Park. Built in the late 1800s, the former home of Ralph Middleton Munroe is one of the oldest homes in Dade County and is situated on the shore of Biscayne Bay. The forest surrounding the home is hardwood hammock and is the last of its kind in the area. The unique architecture includes period furniture and wide porches that afford magnificent views.